Participation Fees

Participation Fees

Participation Procedure

Indicate the dimensions and area in m2 of the stand, also whether space or shell scheme is required. Stands will be allocated by the organiser based on size and in certain cases on product sector and/or nationality.A contract will be issued for signature and an invoice will be sent for payment.An exhibitor manual will be forwarded to you, the exhibitor for completion of the forms within the manual regarding all other services available to you.Exhibitors taking part through group participation, organised by official bodies or through exhibition sales agents will need to implement the above procedures directly with those parties.


Indoors Space

only per m2
SR 1,480  |  US$ 395

Space + shell

scheme per m2
US$ 445  |  SR 1,670

Outdoors Space

only per m2
US$ 145  |  SR 545

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